Genius Mastermind

Are you looking for accountability in your business?

Sick of working on your own?

Need a daily push to make your business thrive? 


Do you want to see your business shine?  Have a group of entrepreneurs encourage your ideals and make them well rounded plans?

This mastermind is for action takers.  It is for entrepreneurs who are looking to run a successful business.  This mastermind is not for faffers (one of my favourite words), people running a side business, or a hobby.  

This mastermind is application only.  The mix of people within the group will be carefully considered.  There will be a maximum of 6 people within the group.

The mastermind will include; 

  • A weekly strategy call.
  • A monthly accountability meeting. 
  • Target setting workshops. 
  • Ideal client workshops. 
  • Guest expert sessions as and when required. 
  • And whatever we need to add to get you the goals you set!


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What you will get from the mastermind;


Working on your own is hard sometimes.  Having someone to challenge you, brainstorm with you, and push you, will push your business one step ahead every day.  You will have set targets, and action plans on how to reach them.  You will know who you want to work with, and how you can find them.  You will have the successful business you've always wanted to have!