The Salon Owners Club is YOUR One Stop Shop for Salon Owners

Having worked with salon owners for the past 6 years negotiating their leases to ensure they understand exactly what they have signed up to, I have found they do not have time to go on endless training courses and business coaching.  Being able to listen to / view one 10-minute action packed mastermind per week is both manageable and actionable. It will cover all of the normal parts of running a beauty business, but also alternative masterminds like money mindset and well being.


What will be the benefit to you? That's easy... Immediate bite size access to industry training at an affordable price.  Don’t have time to continuously take time out of the salon to do training?  This is a one stop shop for ten minutes of absolute gold from the industry experts.


And what a line up of experts we have. There will be different industry experts, coaches, and trainers every week.  They will cover every aspect of business.  From money mindset, to niching within the industry, to hands-on industry training whether it's hair, nail, or beauty.  Marketing, social media, advertising.  Every part has been covered.


Once you have signed up, you can view all masterminds within our library and wait for the new weekly mastermind to land.  You’ll also be sent weekly emails to let you know what mastermind is coming up, and a link to the weekly Q&A session.  The interactive community gives you the opportunity to chat with other members, ask questions, and request specific training.  

Once you have signed up to the membership, you are free to leave whenever you wish.  It is £10 per month and no tie in at all.

What are you waiting for?!

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