You've met Denise, now meet her team!


Claire is Denise's right-hand woman. The ying to her yang.

A (fair) few years ago Claire graduated with a PhD and enjoyed a happy and successful career as a research scientist. As a result of redundancies and changes to the field she had to move on and took those transferrable skills to work as a data analyst for local government. This may seem like a big change, but a lot of the same skills were required. With a geeky love of all things data and spreadsheets Claire found she had skills that could be applied to the business world. It was whilst working for local government that she met Denise!

A few years later, and with a couple of lovely (most of the time!!) kids in tow Claire started working for herself, providing support to busy business owners as a VA. She was soon snapped up by Denise and the rest is history...


Vicky is a contradiction in many ways, loving the simplicity of the outdoors with her dog and chickens. Then works with tech, tries new software, and follows advances in digital media.

Vicky's business has evolved a few times since going self-employed during the financial crisis of 2008. The consistent thing being the freedom to work to deadlines without being restricted to the 9-5, while having the flexibility to pursue interests and continue learning.

The love for tech started much earlier in the summer of 2000 during a Girl Guiding camp where Vicky joined a radio experience session. It was there the sports-mad adrenaline junkie found a new buzz and, it didn't require jumping off bridges or flying through the sky. 

Over the last 20 years, Vicky has actively sought out opportunities to pursue her interest in audio. This has included voice-over training, podcasts, community radio and even co-founding a radio station.

During the global pandemic of 2020, Vicky finally bought that passion project into her business and began to support podcasters and people who would like to use more audio in their marketing and materials. 

Away from work, Vicky is still glued to the headphones as a volunteer radio presenter and music lover. And, where it all began is still close to her heart as she volunteers as a Divisional Guider.


After graduating from UCL Sally pursued a 20-year career in fashion – working in various buying
offices for most of the High Street - with responsibility for the financial planning and profit management of the ranges in store. In the latter years a lingerie specialist with a knowledge of the product as well as the numbers. Sally also has been involved in recruitment and writing training for junior staff – as well as presenting and training at a corporate level.

Throughout a varied career path after leaving fashion buying, Sally has run a successful one-woman
dressmaking business, selling reproduction 1940s and 1950s garments around the world. A love of vintage has always been part of Sally’s life – and has been dressing in this style since the 90s.

Sally is also a qualified swimming teacher and has spent time in Primary and Secondary helping
support children with additional needs. Sally has had articles and photographs published in A
vintage magazine, danced and been a guest at many Vintage events. During the pandemic Sally
singlehandedly renovated her wreck of a house, to put her own individual stamp on it.

With organisational skills second to few Sally is the newest member of the Find Surveyors team and
keen to get her spreadsheet mode back on..